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Educational Exemplars
Implementation and Evaluation of Adolescent SBIRT Education


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Clinical Professor, University of Michigan School of Nursing, University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Psychiatry


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Dr. April Jones, LMSW

Chair, Tuskegee University, Department of Social Work

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Mary Daly, EdD, LMSW

Jamie Klesh, PhD, RN, CNE

Susan Lanzara, PhD, RN, CNE


Call for Participation for Educational Exemplars

We want to hear your story!

The Adolescent SBIRT Team at NORC at the University of Chicago (NORC) invites past and/or current adolescent SBIRT program participants to share their unique experience integrating adolescent SBIRT training and education into social work, nursing and inter-professional programs.

What are educational exemplars and who is eligible to participate?

An educational exemplar is a description of best practices in the educational environment designed to assist students to increase their understanding of particular skills, content or knowledge. For the purposes of this call, we are defining an educational exemplar as a brief (approximately 500-1,000 words) description of the implementation and/or evaluation of the adolescent SBIRT curriculum in social work, nursing or inter-professional programs. Therefore, this opportunity is open to all past and/or current adolescent SBIRT program participants.


Why are we doing a call for educational exemplars?

Our goal is to inform and educate the academic community on the need for and benefits of preparing the next generation of health professionals to have conversations with adolescents about their substance use. One way to do this is to provide real world examples of those who have successfully infused adolescent SBIRT education into their curriculum and classroom.

To view example educational exemplars please see:

Please note: Educational exemplars can take many forms, these are just a few. We will provide additional examples as we locate them.


How to participate?

Participation in this call requires submission of the educational exemplar template, available at the link below. The template is meant to help guide your thinking and the development of the educational exemplar. The template is broken up into five sections each with a suggested length, brief description and specific questions to consider.

By submitting the educational exemplar template you agree to a) answer any additional follow-up questions, and b) review your final educational exemplar documents to ensure accuracy of information presented.

Participants will receive a $75 Amazon e-gift card.

Please click here to access the educational exemplar template. Templates will be reviewed as they are received.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.